About Us

AlphaCelle is an industry leader in cell-based technology, spearheading the drive to provide high quality and energy stem cell therapy in Malaysia. We aim to raise health quality standards with our therapies that improve general health & ongoing chronic diseases, life quality and longevity. We also provide an alternative therapy for those with difficult to treat diseases, where management and treatments are often challenging and limited.

We are pioneers in combining stem cell and exosome therapy with Electric Potential Therapy (EPT), which is developed and approved for use by Japan’s Ministry of Health. This novel combination enables stem cell therapy and EPT to enhance each other’s effects, therefore exponentially increasing the benefits we reap from both therapies.

Since 2003, the founder of AlphaCelle, Mr. Lew Mun Yee, introduced Electric Potential Technology from Japan to Malaysia, accumulating 19 years of experience in the field of EPT. As of today, we are the largest and oldest established EPT provider in Malaysia, and the largest established EPT provider across Southeast Asia.

AlphaCelle believe in the message and motto – To remain youthful and disease-free before our 60’s, aging gracefully as we approach our 80’s and reaching the ripe old age of 100 happily surrounded by our family. We strive to provide the opportunity for great health and happiness, prolonged youth and beauty to more people globally.


Our mission is to bring stem cell therapy to the general public, not limiting this treatment option for high profile individuals and celebrities only, and giving everyone the opportunity at a new and happy life